DISCOVERY: cooling rings for bubble film extrusion

Thickness tolerance lower than 0,8% and energy saving up to 38%.


Contrex is launching its newest DISCOVERY cooling rings range: solutions devoted to film gauge control able to achieve high precision standards with micrometric tolerances thanks to the exclusive thermal sector modulation that guarantees a thickness tolerance lower than 0,8% and maximize the energy efficiency realizing an energy saving up to 38% compared to a conventional cooling ring.

DISCOVERY, available in three different models 10T, 12T and 13T, is an innovative high efficiency automatic multi-flow cooling ring with a sector-based thermal modulation that enables exact and automatic thickness regulation. The ring reduces thickness tolerances along the entire circumference with also balancing out the melt flow canalization and possible misalignment.

DISCOVERY allows to maintain a constant bubble thickness assuring a raw material’s saving of 12-14%. The system includes two different cooling flows and controls in this way the haul-off together with the thermal factor. The integration of these controls offers more stability to the bubble, improves the cooling power and the line’s productivity.

EAGLE is a bubble’s circular control active on 355 degrees in only 50 seconds. The DISCOVERY integrated management is entrusted to NAVIGATOR 9000 that organizes all the bubble film production technology process. Every aspect is controlled and managed by a powerful processor that assures, thanks to a specific algorithm – BATCH TIMING SYSTEM, a complete and automatic start-up time in only 3 minutes,.

At a glance:

  • 2Sigma value reduction
  • Productivity increase
  • Start-up time reduction
  • Energy-consumption reduction

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