Atlantis 23T

Adjustable triple-flow ring with thermal sector modulation

Adjustable triple-flow ring with thermal sector modulation 

ATLANTIS 23T is an innovative high-efficiency multi-flow automatic cooling ring with sectoral thermal modulation that allows precise and automatic gauge adjustment. As the Discovery line, this cooling ring maintains precision in thickness control and management, enabling the operator to realize quick and easy adjustment and preparation for production startup and changeover.

It improves production changeover times and, together with the LIFTER, increases productivity by automatically raising the upper part of the ring to the optimal position. This further enhances the mechanical film properties and improves both quality and productivity.

  • Designed for high production
  • High bubble stability
  • Uniform film profile
  • Carbon fiber construction

Motorized lifting system

LIFTER is a motorized system that adjusts the mobile part of the ATLANTIS ring to the most suitable position required by the processing resin typology, thereby ensuring that the frost line is positioned correctly.

The innovative design enables higher cooling of the blown film and further maximizes overall production efficiency.

  • Compatible with ATLANTIS 23T
  • Optimal cooling efficiency
  • Easy operations

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